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1993 29¢ Sports Horses

1993 29¢ Sports Horses

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U.S. #2756-59: 1993 29¢ Sports Horses

Issue Date: May 1, 1993
City: Louisville, KY
Quantity: 40,000,000
Printed By: Stamp Venturers
Printing Method: Lithographed, engraved
Perforations: 11 x 11 ½
Color: Multicolored

Issued on May 1, 1993, to coincide with the 119th running of the Kentucky Derby, this set of four stamps celebrates the world of sports horses, depicting scenes from polo, steeplechase, harness, and thoroughbred racing. With a rich history dating back to 1869, horses have been a popular subject on postage stamps for over a century.

Secretariat Wins The Triple Crown

Born on March 30, 1970, Secretariat, the offspring of the esteemed stallion Bold Ruler, went on to achieve legendary status in the world of horse racing. Initially slow to mature, Secretariat's talent eventually shone through, and he made his mark on the racing world starting in 1972.

In 1973, Secretariat embarked on his most memorable season. He began with a victory at the Bay Shore Stakes and followed it up with a historic performance at the Kentucky Derby on May 5. Despite starting from last place, he stormed to victory, setting records with each quarter-mile segment and finishing the race in under two minutes.

Two weeks later, Secretariat continued his dominance at the Preakness Stakes, overcoming a slow start to win comfortably. The exact timing of the race has been a subject of debate, with the Maryland Racing Commission ultimately settling on a time of 1:53.

The pinnacle of Secretariat's career came at the Belmont Stakes on June 9, 1973. Racing against Sham, who had finished second in the previous races, Secretariat started fast and maintained an extraordinary pace throughout the race. He widened his lead to an unprecedented 31 lengths, breaking records and running the fastest race on dirt in history, completing one-and-a-half miles in 2:24 flat.

Secretariat's triumph at the Belmont Stakes secured him the coveted Triple Crown, making him the ninth horse to achieve this feat and the first in 25 years. His remarkable performance earned him widespread acclaim, and he continued to race successfully throughout the year, winning several prestigious events.

Retiring after 1973, Secretariat went on to sire numerous successful racehorses before his death at the age of 19 on October 4, 1989. His legacy as one of the greatest racehorses of all time endures, with his remarkable achievements immortalized in the annals of horse racing history.

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