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1879 2c Postage Due - brown - U.S. # J2

1879 2c Postage Due - brown - U.S. # J2

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The 1879 2c Postage Due stamp is a significant piece of philatelic history, marking the inception of Postage Due stamps in the United States. Unlike traditional stamps that prepaid for mail delivery, these stamps indicated the amount of postage owed by the recipient for insufficiently prepaid mail.

Designed for functionality, these stamps featured large numerals denoting the amount due, initially in a brown hue. Over the years, the design remained consistent, with variations in color from brown to red-brown and deep red. Initially printed by the American Bank Note Company, production later transitioned to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in 1894.

In 1930, a subtle design change introduced the numerals within a half-circle, followed by a shift to a horizontal format in 1931. Despite these modifications, the overall design remained unchanged.

A significant development occurred in 1959 when Postage Due stamps were printed in two colors for the first time. The carmine rose border and background complemented the black numerals, offering a visually striking contrast. Alongside the color change, new values were introduced.

However, the journey of Postage Due stamps came to an end in 1985 when they were discontinued by the Postal Service, rendering them obsolete. Despite their discontinuation, these stamps remain a cherished part of philatelic history, capturing the evolution of postal services in the United States.


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