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1902-03 1¢ Franklin - U.S. #300

1902-03 1¢ Franklin - U.S. #300

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U.S. #300 - Series of 1902-03 1¢ Franklin

Celebrate the legacy of Benjamin Franklin with U.S. #300, the 1¢ Franklin stamp issued on February 3, 1903. This iconic stamp pays tribute to one of America's Founding Fathers, renowned for his diverse talents and contributions to society.

Born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Franklin's journey began humbly as the son of a soap and candle maker. However, his insatiable curiosity and intellect led him to pursue printing, starting as an apprentice to his brother James at just 12 years old.

Franklin's early writings, often published under the pseudonym "Silence Dogood," showcased his sharp wit and keen observations of society. Despite initial challenges, Franklin's determination and talent propelled him forward. At the age of 17, he left Boston and settled in Philadelphia, where he would make his mark on history.

Legend has it that Franklin's arrival in Philadelphia was marked by an amusing encounter, as he strolled down Market Street with loaves of bread under his arms, earning him the amusement of onlookers, including his future wife, Deborah Read.

U.S. #300, featuring a vibrant blue-green color, stands as a testament to Franklin's enduring influence and the spirit of innovation he embodied. Add this stamp to your collection and commemorate the remarkable life of Benjamin Franklin, a visionary and pioneer of American ingenuity.


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