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1895 10¢ Webster - U.S. #273

1895 10¢ Webster - U.S. #273

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U.S. #273 1895 10¢ Webster

  • Issued: June 7, 1895
  • Issue Quantity: 59,983,007 (estimate)
  • Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Watermark: Double line USPS
  • Perforation: 12
  • Color: Dark green

Replacement: U.S. #273 was replaced on November 11, 1898, by U.S. #283. The change was necessary due to the standardized system recommended by the Universal Postal Union. The regulations called for green for the international single printed matter rate. Accordingly, the 1¢ Franklin was printed in dark green. To avoid confusion, the 10¢ Webster stamp was changed to orange brown, creating the stamp known to collectors as U.S. #283.

Background: The decision to add watermarks to stamps in 1895 stemmed from the "Chicago Counterfeits" scandal, where counterfeit U.S. postage stamps were circulated. This scandal prompted the Post Office Department to introduce watermarked paper for postage stamps as a security measure. The watermark, consisting of the letters USPS (United States Postal Service), was double-lined and repeated across the entire sheet.


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