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1902-03 13¢ Harrison - U.S. #308

1902-03 13¢ Harrison - U.S. #308

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U.S. #308 - Series of 1902-03 13¢ Harrison

Released on November 18, 1902, U.S. #308 marked the inauguration of the 13¢ denomination in the Series of 1902-03 stamps. This issuance was intended to meet the postal needs for international mail, covering the postage rate for a half-ounce letter to any country within the Postal Union. Additionally, it encompassed the 10¢ registration fee and 3¢ postage.

Despite officials' expectations of high demand, sales of the 13¢ Harrison stamp fell short of projections. The stamp was intended to substitute the need for both an 8¢ stamp for the registry fee and a 5¢ stamp for international postage. However, public reception of the stamp was lukewarm, resulting in lower sales compared to other denominations below 50¢.

U.S. #308 is distinguished not only as the first stamp of the series to be issued but also as the inaugural 13¢ U.S. stamp. Its striking purple-black color and flat plate printing method, carried out by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, underscore its significance in the philatelic landscape.

Collectors value U.S. #308 not only for its historical significance but also for its unique role in meeting the postal needs of its time. As they add this stamp to their collections, they commemorate a pivotal moment in the evolution of American postage and international mail services.

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