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1902-03 15¢ Clay - U.S. #309

1902-03 15¢ Clay - U.S. #309

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U.S. #309 - Series of 1902-03 15¢ Clay

Issued on May 27, 1903, U.S. #309, featuring Henry Clay, holds a significant place in philatelic history. With a quantity estimate of 41,205,754 stamps, it played a crucial role in facilitating postage for specific mail categories.

Primarily, the 15¢ denomination was utilized for mailing letters exceeding 2 ounces to Europe, as well as for handling fourth-class and Parcel Post packages. Its distinctive olive green hue and flat plate printing method, executed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, make it a standout addition to any collection.

Interestingly, blocks of four of U.S. #309 that have evidence of genuine postal use are considerably rarer than their mint counterparts. This scarcity adds to the stamp's allure among collectors, as it represents a tangible connection to the postal activities of its era.

Beyond its philatelic significance, the portrait of Henry Clay on this stamp commemorates his contributions to American politics and national unity. Clay's advocacy for "the American System," which encompassed initiatives like a protective tariff, a national bank, and infrastructure improvements, aimed to foster economic growth and bridge regional divides.

As collectors acquire U.S. #309, they not only honor Clay's legacy but also preserve a tangible piece of postal history that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of the United States during the early 20th century.

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