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1902-03 8¢ Martha Washington - U.S. #306

1902-03 8¢ Martha Washington - U.S. #306

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U.S. #306 - Series of 1902-03 8¢ Martha Washington

Released on December 6, 1902, U.S. #306 celebrates the enduring legacy of Martha Washington, the inaugural First Lady of the United States. As part of the Series of 1902-03, this stamp holds significance not only for its depiction of an American woman but also for its exquisite design.

When the Post Office Department decided to feature an American woman on a stamp, they received numerous suggestions. Ultimately, they chose Martha Washington, symbolizing her integral role in American history. Notably, this stamp is distinguished by being the only one in the series to include the subject's first name – Martha.

The selection of Martha Washington necessitated the retirement of General Sherman from the 8¢ stamp. As a result, this stamp marks the transition from honoring military figures to recognizing influential women in American society. General Sherman wouldn't reappear on a U.S. stamp until 1936, highlighting the significance of Martha Washington's portrayal.

U.S. #306, printed in a captivating violet black color by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, stands as a testament to Martha Washington's contributions and enduring significance in shaping the nation's history. With its elegant design and historical significance, this stamp holds a special place in philatelic history.

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