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1992 American Wildflowers - Full Set

1992 American Wildflowers - Full Set

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1992 American Wildflowers Stamp Collection: A Tribute to Nature's Beauty

Celebrate the diverse beauty of America's native wildflowers with our exclusive stamp collection, featuring a stunning array of 50 different floral species. Crafted with meticulous detail and vibrant colors, each stamp is a testament to the rich botanical heritage of the United States.

Stamp Details:

  • Set of 50: Showcasing a variety of native wildflowers
  • Commemorates: The beauty and diversity of American flora
  • Value: Each stamp is denominated 29¢, representing the First Class Mail Rate
  • First Day of Issue: July 24, 1992
  • First Day City: Columbus, Ohio
  • Quantity Issued: 11,000,000 sheets
  • Printed by: Ashton-Potter America, Inc.
  • Printing Method: Offset lithography
  • Format: Printing plates of 300 and 200, separated into panes of 50
  • Perforations: 11.1

Reason for Issue: This pane was issued by the USPS to highlight the natural beauty and biodiversity of wildflowers native to the United States, serving as a tribute to the country's rich botanical heritage.

Design and Significance: Renowned Alaska watercolor artist Karen Mallary meticulously selected and illustrated each wildflower featured on the stamps, capturing their delicate beauty and unique characteristics. From the vibrant hues of the Indian Paintbrush to the intricate patterns of the Bluebonnet, these stamps showcase the diversity of American flora in exquisite detail.

Printing Process and Historical Significance: Produced by Ashton-Potter America, Inc., this pane represents the first 50-stamp issuance printed by a private contractor and the first US commemorative stamp issue produced entirely by offset lithography. Despite initial concerns about security, offset printing proved to be a successful method for capturing the intricate details of the wildflower illustrations, setting a new standard for stamp production.

First Day Ceremony: The First Day of Issue ceremony took place during the American First Day Cover Society convention in Columbus, Ohio, where artist Karen Mallary was present to celebrate the unveiling of her botanical masterpieces.

Unusual Fact: The Wildflowers stamps created a buzz even before their official release, with some locations selling them weeks in advance of the First Day of Issue. This early availability only added to the excitement surrounding these beautiful stamps.

Embrace the Beauty: Join us in celebrating the natural splendor of America's wildflowers with our exclusive stamp collection. Each stamp is a testament to the resilience and beauty of native flora, inspiring us to appreciate and protect the rich biodiversity of our country's landscapes. Collect your set today and revel in the timeless allure of American wildflowers.

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